Ribella is a Swedish brand, which provides hair extensions for hairdressers and consumers mainly in the Nordic countries.

Trade with Ribella is easy, fast and reliable.
We are constantly developing our products together with international professionals. We strive to be a forerunner, and always keeping up with the latest trends and their reversals.

Our vision is, that the customer gets from us all the services and products, associated with the hair extensions.

You will find on our hair extensions products f.ex. different hairs, colors, different lengths, different attachment methods, accessories and hair care products.


All Ribella hair extensions are made of 100% genuine Remy hair.

Remy hair means, that all hair is in the right direction, in the same direction as they naturally grows away. Remy hair is the best quality in hair extensions, and they gives you the most natural result. Remy hair extensions lasts for a long time, remains soft, shiny and the doesn’t bark easily.

We will always guarantee to our customers the high quality products, at the reasonable price.

The Ribella training programm

In our training programm, you will learn how to attach the hair extensions, and how to take them off correctly and safely. After completed training you can start to work with Ribella hair extensions at the professional level. After a succesful training we are also recommending you to our customers.
You will get a diploma from the training.

We are strongly believing that the beautiful hairs are the crown of the woman.

Have a Good Hair Day! – With Ribella

RBJ Sweden AB
owns the Ribella trade mark